This is a console program written in ruby and generate a german form for money transfer from one bank to another and it's a frontend for this[DEAD] PSTricks-Package. Unfortunately, this package is gone. We use a local copy here.

It generates a PS or PDF file for printing.
The documentation in the source distribution and the output of the commands are in german.


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screenshot 1 screenshot 1 screenshot 1


You need installed latex, dvips and epstopdf (and also ruby).

Online PDF formular

If you don't have LaTeX installed and/or don't want to fiddle around with ruby, please see this PDF file


Download package and uncompress it. After that chdir to ueberweisung and copy file beispiel.db to a filename of your choice. Alter the copied file with your favorite editor and run the following command:

        $ ./create_pdf.sh my-copied-file 
Überweisung liegt nun als PDF in 'ausgabe.pdf' oder als Postscript in 'ausgabe.ps'.

This generates a justified version like the screenshots. If you want to add more text, please have a look at beispiel.tex.


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